High-end Hotel

Hotel operation has become one of the important industry sectors of LERTHAI Group, and also the important part to comprehensively enhance real estate development strategy of LERTHAI. LERTHAI Group gives full play of comprehensive real estate development advantage. Based on its own high-rise landmark project and the gathering are of modern service industry, it actively seeks strategic cooperation with international and domestic well-known enterprises at the same time of constructing its own hotel brand, realizes win-win cooperation through borrowing development.

  • BiTaoGe Spring SPA Hotel

    As a high-end hotel owned by LERTHAI Group, BiTaoGe Spring SPA Hotel is a hot spring theme leisure hotel,located in Lefeng of LERTHAI Center in the central Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. It is a world-class large natural hot spring SPA center with all kinds of entertainment services.
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